Hello, world!

Hello, World! My name is Derek Odom. I am a student at Louisiana State University. I am pursuing a major in mass communication with a concentration in digital advertising and a minor in general business administration.

I am very much looking forward to MC 2015 this semester. I’ve already learned things, and we’ve only had one day of class. Using InDesign was exciting and right in my wheelhouse of things that I like to do. I hope to gain a better grasp on digital advertising in this class this semester, specifically with using software such as InDesign and others found in the Adobe Creative Cloud.


You know what I’m studying, you know what I like about MC 2015, but what about me – who am I?

I like Smallville, a US television show about a boy becoming America’s favorite hero. I did not, however, like the latest film adaption of said hero.



I also love Washington, D.C. and politics. The entire political and governing process fascinates me. A dream of mine is to work and live there one day, if even for just a few years.




Besides advertising and politics, a little mini-hobby of mine is photography. I don’t have an expensive camera – just my phone – but I love taking photos of breathtaking scenes in nature.



Finally, and certainly not least, is my love for food. My tastes are not fancy; just simple, Americana. And I would certainly die without my daily dose of ice cream.



Hello, world. It was certainly nice to meet you. But don’t fret – I shall certainly see you again soon!



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