Evaluating My Body Language – TED Talk

After watching the TED Talk, I can definitely see where I can improve my body language. There are times – both in small settings and in large settings, where my body language is not exactly the greatest. I do a lot of public speaking – on a weekly basis – and through this my body language has improved. I now look up from my notes and look into the audience more, move my hands, and walk around a little as opposed to standing still like a frozen Popsicle. My body language still needs a lot of work when I am not on stage – when I am in the audience. A lot of this has to do, I believe, with the fact that we have a nearly infinite amount of information with us in our pockets at all times. Often times, when someone else is speaking, I do not give them my full attention because I am on my phone or tablet or laptop. From that person’s perspective, I look bored, rude and as if I do not want to be there. I also tend to yawn and daydream a lot, sending of bad body language signals.

In conclusion, while my body language is improving when I am in the spotlight, I still have a ways to go for my body language when I am listening to the person in the spotlight.


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