First Client

My first client was fellow classmate Gabby Moulis. Her product was called the alignment brush. She specified to use bright colors and that you could paint in perfectly straight lines with this brush. I decided to capitalize on the bright colors and straight lines in my ad designs, specifically the web ad which used an array of bright and neon colors, all “painted” in straight lines. The print ad also took on this theme, but with larger areas of “paint.” The font choice for the logo was simple: The “Stencil” font for the word “Alignment” gave it the feel of the perfect pain inside the lines that this brush can achieve. I chose a more whimsical font for the word “brush” to contrast “Alignment” and because brushes have a more whimsical feel.

print ad alignment brush

web ad alignment brush


Color Assignment

color assignment

Love is in the air. Can’t you feel the love in the air? The color red makes me feel loving. I see red and I automatically feel the need for romance. One such romantic action is dancing blissfully in the serene woods, as the couple in this design is doing. Everyone needs love; therefore everyone needs red!

First Ad Design

I’ve officially created my first advertisement, promoting lemons! I enjoyed doing it. I enjoyed using Photoshop and InDesign concurrently to create the lemony ad. This is especially exciting and great because I am an advertising major and I’m already learning things in this class that I will use in my career!

Go lemons!